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Welcome to UtilityBox Application

What is UtilityBox?

UtilityBox is a follow-up by my previously abandon project known as “AutoFixer” which was a tool to simplify the process of a newly installed Windows 10/11 computer. The idea behind the tool was to have a simple single program for myself to configure a newly installed Windows PC with some basics configurations; mainly due to so many issues in the early versions of Windows 10.

So what makes UtilityBox different from AutoFixer?

The main difference is that the application now is just a .NET Core server running on the host, but are fully accessible through a web interface instead of the previous windows form. The idea for this is to have a better UI, but also make it possible to add more “nice to have” functionality - for example, if you ever wish to control or check something from a different pc / phone. Because of this, I might at some point add support for authentication, but for now anyone who can directly access the web interface will be able to control the UI of this tool (so tip is to not make the port public to your network)

What are the requirements to run UtilityBox?

Well… to make UtilityBox download as lightweight as possible, you will be forced to install “.NET 5 SDK” by yourself through here: - And also remember this tool is built to ONLY support Windows!

I have an issue / I found a bug!

Make an issue on the repo with the problem or issue you are experiencing. I will go through the report as soon as possible.

I want to suggest an idea!

Oh? Nice! Let me know by creating an issue on the GitHub repo, and I will try to respond to the suggestions by the time I have.


UtilityBox does not come with a built-in updater, which requires you to download the latest updates manually from the rep; by going to the “Release” tab and download the latest installer or standalone executable of your choice. Tested on windows 11 & should work just fine, as it is based on Windows 10.

Looking for the old version of the “UtilityBox” program?

I am no longer supporting the old version of the tool, but if you really want it you can download it here: